lördag 5 mars 2011

Kort om Siri Hustvedts nya

Siri Hustvedts nya "The Summer Without Men" är ute! Den är kort och innehållsrik. Den är rolig, smart, tankefull, klok. Och lite elak mot män... som här:
"The book club is big. It has been sprouting up like proverbial fungi all over the place, and it is a cultural form dominated almost entirely by women. In fact, reading fiction is often regarded as a womanly pursuit these days. Lots of women read fiction. Most men don't. Women read fiction written by women and by men. Most men don't. If a man opens a novel, he likes to have a masculine name on the cover; it's reassuring somehow. You never know what might happen to that external genitalia if you immerse yourself in imaginary doings concocted by someone with the goods on the inside. Moreover, men like to boast about their neglect of fiction: 'I don't read fiction, but my wife does.' "

Ulla Roseen håller på med den svenska översättningen.

Läs mer om boken hos  Kiki denbesatta  och Bokhora Johanna L                                                               

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